A Wink And A Smile

A Wink and a Smile follows the lives of ten ordinary women doing something extraordinary – learning the artful striptease.

Students of Seattle’s Academy of Burlesque have six weeks to peel and reveal their hidden talents with little more than a tassel and a twirl. Seasoned burlesque divas strut on stage with their own entertaining, satirical and beautiful performances to illustrate the candid and often hilarious lectures by the Academy’s headmistress, Miss Indigo Blue.

As director Deirdre Timmons draws back the velvet curtain providing a rare glimpse into this intimate experience, audiences watch with glee as Miss Indigo’s budding divas shimmy, shake, bump and grind their way into our hearts. Through their adventures (and misadventures) we she why a homemaker, a reported, a doctor an opera singer, a taxidermist and students join the American cultural revival that is sweeping from fringe fascination to mainstream obsession.

An intoxicating mix of private thoughts and public behavior, the 90 minute musical documentary tells the story of exposing more than the human body, putting gender, power, sexuality and social identity under a glittery spotlight.

Welcome to A Wink and a Smile. A world where performance art and showgirl spectacle kiss you on the cheek. A world where music, theater and sexuality crash into over-the-top glamour. A world where many want to go,, but most never dare.

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