Zack – making a haunting statement for Halloween this year as he fights cancer (as only a terrier could) – has decided to go as half-dog, half-shadow. 

KATHY: Who has cancer? D-D: Your brother-in-law, Richard. KATHY: My brother? D-D: No, your brother is dead. KATHY: Oh, that’s right. So, my son Richard has cancer? D-D: No, you don’t have a son named Richard. KATHY: Oh, that’s right.  FRED: You have...

Oh Deer!

D-D: I saw two deer on Mercer Island last night. I didn’t think there were any deer left here. FRED: They moved them here last year. D-D: They moved the deer here last year? FRED: Yeah.

FRED: What time are you coming over tonight? D-D: Dad, I won’t be coming over tonight. I have my memoir class.  FRED: Well, I’ll be damned. Literally.