I started She did not just say that! six years ago today.

My original intention was to provide daily updates while Jack, Rose and I vacationed in China so my parents could track our trip.

Never having been one to journal or keep a diary, I assumed when we returned from China I would shut down the Tumblr. But the daily or weekly journaling had taken a hold of me. Having been cursed with a lifelong poor memory, I found the Tumblr helped me to retain my important memories — and double-bonus — our friends and family spread throughout the world could stay abreast of our lives in a more personal, focused way than Facebook. I could explore life, continue writing, play with photography, all the while indulging my silly bone. Knowing that other people, even strangers, were going to read it, I tried to focus on the essence of each experience and create something that occupied a space between journalism, memoir writing, creative indulgence, and comedy.

When I was diagnosed with brain cancer, this blog revealed new benefits. It allowed me to step away from my illness and gain a removed perspective on what I was experiencing. It gave me something to do while spending long hours in bed. And again, it kept family and friends abreast of my struggle without having to call people all day, for which I had no desire, let alone sufficient energy.

Perhaps most precious of all, She did not just say that! provided a platform to chronicle the final years of my parents’ lives. It became a space in which to celebrate Rosemary’s burgeoning life. It served as an information center for the birth of Jack’s BBQ. And it held on to my already flagging memory that was further quashed by chemo.

Following my cancer treatment, I felt depleted. I did nothing. I think I was convalescing for a good two years, and I had nothing interesting to say about lying on a couch and watching lame TV. But now, I’m coming out of that slump. Not enough that I want to continue filmmaking, but enough to start building Deirdre 2.0. I’m still forgetful. I’m still a little dizzy. I still have low(er) energy. But I’m definitely ready to move on, find the ‘next thing,’ and jump on a new ride.

Thank you dear readers for joining my circus for the past six years. Join me for another six years, and I’ll try to keep it real, keep it relevant, and most importantly, keep it funny.

Come on! Let’s go!

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