D-D: I think we should start a pool on who’s going to go first – Zack or my dad. Julyne: Oh, you’re terrible. Can we throw MeeMaw in the mix?

KATHY: D-D, is it alright with you if we have Fred cremated? D-D: It’s alright with me. But let’s wait till he dies. KATHY: OK. 

Laura: I hate my kitchen. D-D: I hate your kitchen too. Laura: Shut up. That’s why I don’t invite you over anymore. You’re like, “Why don’t you clean your house? Why don’t you put in an IKEA kitchen,” and I’m like,...

D-D: Franz (Fred’s roommate) died yesterday. LAURA: Oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Is Fred okay? D-D: Yeah. He’s still alive.