KATHY: My dad’s side of the family were real fun. They’d laugh and drink and sneak behind the bushes and smoke cigarettes. My mom’s family were a bunch of stooges – about as much fun as a burnt thumb.

KATHY: My brain’s not worth a damn anymore.  D-D: Do you remember your name?  KATHY: Puddin’ and Tame. Ask me tomorrow and I’ll tell you the same.

KATHY: Who has cancer? D-D: Your brother-in-law, Richard. KATHY: My brother? D-D: No. Your brother is dead. KATHY: Oh, that’s right. So my son Richard has cancer? D-D: No. You don’t have a son named Richard.  KATHY: Oh, that’s right.  FRED: You have...

KATHY: I’m glad I don’t drive a bus. Ew, god, no. That’s a job for men and lesbians.