Imagine the scandal!

The billionaire crowd of Madison Park, the lesser-billionaire crowd of the rest of us, and the naughty world of burlesque – all converging to celebrate the storming of the Bastille. 

So it was with great delight that we watched local performers strip and peel in front of families in broad daylight at Madison Valley’s Bastille Bash. Mothers covered their children’s eyes. Dads’ eyes popped. People stood,  dumbfounded. Their little neighborhood fair was dirty dirty dirty and it was a joy to withhold. 

Thanks Fuchsia for tipping the world on an angle!

Pictured above: A little girl watching Can Can dancers; Marie Antoinette (Cherry Manhattan) and our posse; Jack, Fuchsia and Kylie; Me ‘n’ Jack; Rose; Belly Dancers from Tacoma; Can Can performers (the girl also dances with WHIM WHIM!. 

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