As we bump into our West Coast friends, the East Coast just becomes that much cozier. Rose, Saul and I met Darryl, Andrea and Sofie at the foot of the Berkshire Mountains at the seriously cozy Brava in Lenox, Mass. In a momentarily relapse, I forgot to snap photos (just having too much fun), but know this, World, it was a beautiful convergence of the past meeting the future as our children wrestle with their new expansive lives and we adults watch with wonder as they start this chapter.
The fun continued as Will (née Maddie) and Nick found us in Northampton for Pho and a serious data dump.
The kids are alright.
Pictured above: Rose and Will (née Maddie); Rose and Saul (née Saul); our Northampton Jack O’Lantern (a crab).

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