Captain Kidd from Australia wowed with a spintastic/striptastic hula hoop act that won him this year’s Best Boylesque crown. Congrats Captain! We’ll ride your raft any time! Oh my!

The Brown Girls Burlesque troupe from New York brought it with a can can act that managed to be completely personalized (each corset was stitched out of flags representing the girls’ heritage), historically correct (split bloomers), outrageously colorful (just check out the pictures), and a completely new twist on one of the oldest naughty dance forms as their music segued into dance-vibey hip hop.

The Stage Door Johnnies from Chicago brought the house down as screams reached hysterical levels with their tightly-choreographed high-energy group strip. So crazy went the crowd that these boys won Best Group this year. Congratulations boys!

And then there were The Schlep Sisters from Brooklyn – cute and comical.

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