It’s been a long road for me Kimmie and me Dennis. So it was with tears in my eye that I listened to Land of Hope and Glory at Seattle Vocational Institute’s Class of 2013 graduation.

Until River’s bottle rolled down the aisle and he screamed for what I don’t know. He won’t use words with me. Little devil.

For the next two hours, River and I played a game of “Redirection” and “Can’t Touch This” in the lobby and watched the graduation ceremony on the monitor. But we made it to the end, cheered when Kimmie and Dennis’ names were called, and tipped our heads in pride. Well, I tipped my head in pride. River was so tired he just sat on my lap. Little devil.

We found Mom and Dad in the lobby. Big hugs. Yay! Life can be so big and full and important at moments like this.

Then I passed River back to Dennis. Little devil.

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