KATHY: It’s very odd to think you’re gonna die soon.

D-D: Does it scare you? 

KATHY: No, unless somebody EATS ME!

D-D: You do look pretty good.

KATHY: I’ve never seen anybody die.

D-D: As a nurse, you never saw anyone die? 

KATHY: Well, yes, but I never paid any attention. I guess I’ve never died before. 

D-D: No, you haven’t. It’s kind of a one-time privilege.

KATHY: Yeah, well, I think I’m dying now. 

D-D: Try to enjoy it, since you only get to do it once.

KATHY: You’re probably right. Do you have any cigarettes?

D-D: No, remember, we quit. 

KATHY: Well, I didn’t quit and I want a cigarette. What are you going to wear to my funeral?

D-D: Pasties and a g-string.

KATHY: Oh good! I was hoping you were gonna say that. (pause) Hey, D-D, make sure you shave my mustache before they come to pack me up.

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