Eye on Chihuly

By the way, we kept wondering what happened to Chihuly’s left eye while we were at his exhibit. In fact, we may have pondered that more than we pondered his actual art.

After typing, “What happened to Sale Chi” in the Google, it suggested I was asking, “What happened to Dale Chihuly’s eye?” Exactly! The Google is so smart. So I dutifully clicked on its recommendation.

And according to ChaCha.com, which I trust is the top-most authority on this topic since The Google sent me there first, Dale Chihuly wears an eye patch because of a “car smash in England 20 years ago in which he lost an eye when he was hurled through the windscreen.”

Now, I haven’t been reading a lot of hard news lately, so my reading skills are a little weak, but I think that means Chihuly lost an eye in a car crash when he smashed through the windshield.

Lucky us, because meandering through his new exhibity, Chihuly can’t blow a symmetrical form to save his life and all of his pioneering in warped glass is just mind-blowingly, um, mind blowing.

P.S. This photo is by Ken Lambert from The Seattle Times. Not me. I doubt Chihuly would pose for my Tumblr. Especially after this post.

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