As in “Feminine,” “Feminist,” “Female.”

Rose and I caught SAM’s exhibit “Elles: Women Artists from the Centre Pompidou” today (it was the last day of the show). The art was great. Like Yayoi Kusama’s “I Want to Live Forever” (pictured above), works by Lee Bontecou and Ella McBride, and on and on.

But what was really interesting to me was the information … how under-represented female artists have been in museums, galleries, and ultimately, history. Even Rose and I could only think of one female artist whom we recognized, Georgia O’Keefe. But we could identify loads of male artists whose faces – and of course art – we knew. Even WE are sexist!

It’s definitely the same in the film world. Female directors and writers are continually swept under the rug and relegated to the world of painfully sappy rom-coms. It’s just tiresome.

So, 2013 New Years Resolution #16, stand with my sisters and support their work. Maybe I’ll even make it New Years Resolution #1. 

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