Family in dah house!

Jean, hello! Nice to meet you and welcome to Seattle. Welcome to Casa Timmons. And welcome to the family!!!! (Jean just married Jack’s brother, Mike.)

Mike … we like. 

In other news, River’s gone to the dogs. 

And his love of water has become, um, a little, um, well, here’s a conversation between Laura and Kimmie re his new love. I think it pretty much says it all. 

LAURA: It’s almost like he has a look of ecstasy. It’s kinda weird.

KIMMIE: It’s, like, almost psycho.

LAURA: It’s like he’s making love to the water. It’s a little disturbing.

KIMMIE: Yeah, it’s kinda freaky. 

LAURA: It’s almost obscene. I feel like I should leave the room.

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