Farewell to Zack (1995-2012)

Our beloved Zack the scruffy terrier passed away peacefully this afternoon after fighting a short battle with cancer. He is succeeded by Lucy, the semi-beloved chihuahua. Zack was scruffy, loveable, irascible and a lot of fun. We’ll all miss him and his antics. Zack chased squirrels in his prime and provided our home security with vigilant barking at ne’er-do-wells. He also attended fishing trips and never passed up a chance to go “native” by rolling in the previous day’s salmon remains. In his mature years, he focused on floor clean-up for spilled (or loosely dangled in the hand) meats, specializing in party support for our over-served guests. When the backyard smoker joined the family, Zack provided non-stop, highly focused security cover and support for the “meat carrier” and his dangerous walks from the kitchen to the smoker and back, easily paid for with a sample from the day’s selection. Zack was a great dog and we will all miss him. May there be ample squirrel chasing and brisket munching for him in heaven.

Rest in Peace.

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