Seattle, meet Jack’s meat

Jack invited BBQ devotees (plenty of whom were Texas transplants), to his inaugural Seattle Brisket Experience this month and what do you know? He sold out his event in 24 hours.

No pressure there.

Excitement mingled with smoke, smoke, and a little more smoke as Jack stoked fires that cooked 166 pounds of Choice Angus beef brisket and 40 pounds of homemade Texas hot links for 14 hours over post-oak wood.

Neon artist and good buddy Kelsy dropped off the new Jack’s BBQ sign (cool, huh?) while Jack was outside in the dark and I was elbow-deep in shredded cabbage for the cole slaw.

Then came time. Time to load the blackened briskets and browned sausages into the Cambros (heat-retaining food-storage boxes). Time to load the plates, the sides, the lists, the sign, the table cloths, the condiments, the everything we would need to feed 100 people. Time to head to Hilliard’s Brewery in Ballard and walk the plank. 

Thanks to our great team of helpers (Gilby, Kelsy, Tom (who owns Chungee’s, check it out), Michael and LaLa), the night went off without a hitch. The Pornadoes (my new favorite band) played country surf tunes and they were GREAT. And Hilliard’s beer (particularly the Saison) washed the whole thing down like a spring waterfall!

But what did the people say? A lot of: “Best brisket I’ve ever had!” and “Your wife is really hot.” No, wait, “Your spicy sauce is really hot. Love it.”

Stay tuned for the next event. And when Jack sends out the email invite, get your tix immediately! It will sell out.

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