“Have you thought about cutting your hair in anticipation of losing it?” Paula asked.

No, I thought. That doesn’t make sense, I thought. I want to hold onto my hair AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.

But then I started to think about it. I had about a month left with my hair. I could try out any crazy ‘do I wanted and it wouldn’t matter. And besides, I didn’t really love the idea of seeing long strands of hair swirl down the drain and clumps of pink stripes sitting on my pillow.

And suddenly, as with all things Paula, her cockamamey painfully-honest wisdom made a lot of sense.

So Paula booked us at Vidal Sassoon downtown. The super-sweetest-ever Abby gave me dark hair (I wanted to bleach it but she was worried about the chemicals on my biopsy stitches) with a peacock-colored panel of blue, purple and green. And darling Lisa sculpted an assymetrical pixie that is short all over with a little swoop in front.

Thanks ladies. I lerve it!

And thanks Paula for anticipating what I would not. 

Photo by paulanow.

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