Hanging out with my favorite nerd du monde and all-around lovable guy, Ruud. 

Ruud and I met (with Klaas and Jack and Malini) at Smith oh so many years ago. While Smith was an all-women’s college, they had a small American studies department that admitted men. There were four men the year we were there, Klaas, Ruud, Shen and Prim (I think I spelled those last two names correctly). 

Anyway, Smith was and is a very intensely feminist institution, and these poor guys got the brunt of a lot of reverse sexism as many ‘politically progressive’ women spewed them with anti-male sentiments. 2,700 women. Four men.

One night at dinner when Klaas had been discussing a woman who was sort of stalking and harassing him, another woman came up to him and said, “You are a male chauvinist OINK pig,” and then she looked at the rest of us at the table and said, “You ought to be ashamed hanging out with him.”

And we all had a very big laugh.

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