Holy Chihuly!

I am so proud of Seattle. The new Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibition is truly a world-class example of inspired genius.

The exhibit features eight galleries exploring Dale Chihuly’s significant works, including a 1,400-piece, 100-foot-long sculpture. And for a relatively pocket-sized museum, it packs a punch of wonderment and awe like very few spaces I’ve EVER seen in the world. Truly. Truly truly. 

I’ve seen Chihuly around town and met some of (OK, one of) his previous loves (hated her, snotty little beotch). And if you grew up in Seattle, as I did, you grew up around his work – because it’s really sort of ubiquitous in these here parts. 

But wow. Nothing prepared me for the glory that is this new space. In the shadow of the Space Needle, Chihuly’s work is at once whimsical and grounded, from neon-colored pieces that look like something out of mythological Atlantis – if Dr. Seuss were the architect.

All I can say is: Get thee unto the exhibit. It’s especially great when the day shifts to evening and the garden sculptures become illuminated as the blue hour and eventual darkness cloak the sky.

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