One of my favorite family traditions, Homo for the Holidays, did not disappointment this year. From Cherdonna and Lou’s crazy reindeer dance, to Miss Inga Ingenue’s drop-dead delicious (and dirty) candy cane dance, I was all in.

Thanks to producers DeLaRue (Ben DeLa Creme, Lou Henry Hoover and Kitten LaRue) and all the fabulous little gay elves that unleashed a healthy sprinkling of sparkle to the season.

Pictured above: Joel, Miss Inga Ingenue and Saul; (from top to bottom, left to right) Moiselle, Joel, Laura, Adabel, Kitten LaRue, Cherdonna, Rose, Saul, Lady PhotoBomber, Miss Inga Ingenue, Faggity Randy, Lou Henry Hoover; Ben DeLa Creme and Rose

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