House of Thee UnHoly

This spectacular rocklesque tribute to ‘70s is the brain child of creative director, paulanow (formerly Paula the Swedish Housewife) and – lucky you all – it is returning to Seattle for the first time in years.

I HIGHLY recommend it. It is quite simply a ground-breaking burlesque show chock-full of mind-blowing talent, music, sets, choreography and dance.

It’s running March 12 through 16 at The Triple Door in downtown Seattle.

This video that we shot years ago gives you a sneak peak into the magic that is. I stupidly made a typo when I uploaded the video years ago and now I can’t remember my password for that account to fix it (password is linked to a now-defunct email, anybody know how to get back into an account when the email it’s linked to is no longer in existence?). Anyway, Led Zeppelin fans will love the show … but it is not influenced by Pink Floyd. My bad. Sorry Paula.

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