I hardly knew her, but her impact was profound.

Kim Ricketts, the founder of Kim Ricketts Book Events, which connected authors with audiences and celebrated good food, good wine and good living, passed away on April 25, 2011, from a bone marrow disorder.

I met her when Rose was a baby. I was working as the restaurant editor with Kathleen Flinn at Sidewalk.com, and Kim was just starting to host informal dinners with cookbook authors and their fans. I don’t remember the author from that night. I don’t remember the restaurant. But I most certainly remember Kim, her effervescent personality, and her commitment to improving people’s lives through reading, friendship and food.

Cynthia Hillis Bostwick, one of Kim’s college friends, tendered my favorite “Kimism” during the service: “Taking the easy road rarely leads you to where you want to be.”

Thank you Kim for showing so many of us how to chase our dreams with passion and celebrate life every single day.

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