I have never really understood the appeal of Louis Vuitton. 

Frankly, I still don’t. BUT, the company’s history is fascinating. Apparently, Louis founded his company in 1854. Then, in 1858, he introduced the flat-bottom trunk made of canvas. Up until then, traveling trunks had rounded tops (for water runoff) and were made of wood. But Vuitton’s high-tech trunks were airtight AND most importantly, stackable. To prevent other luggage makers from copying his design, in 1876 he introduced brown and beige stripes and took his show on the road, hawking his trunks all over the world. 

Cool, huh? And though I still wouldn’t throw down the quan for one of his bags, I now find them at least historically intriguing.

Anyway, the shop near the Champs Elysees has a line out the door and supes-trendy window dressing. Check it.

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