Y’all know Jack throws these crazy-popular BBQ raves where he smokes various meats (brisket is the staple), we whip up traditional Texas side dishes (like remoulade cole slaw and Texas Caviar), we bring in live music (tonight is Vince Mira), and everyone eats and drinks themselves silly.

Called Seattle Brisket Experience (SBX), they’re super fun and low-key and cool, but they are no small deal to create. The meats cook for two days over a wood fire and the sides take hours to prepare.

We’ve learned it’s too much for just two of us to swing, and I gotta say, wow, thanks to everyone that helps with them. This month’s crew brought Claudia, Damon, Orson and Adelaide, Heidi, Bill, Olivia and Thia, and Jack’s brother Mike and lovely wife Jean into the effort.

“This is so fun,” said Heidi. “It’s like getting together for quilt-making. It’s so real.”

It was too. Thanks guys. We couldn’t have done it without you. It almost made me want to try quilting.

But not quite.

Pictured above: Jack’s brother Mike and wife Jean (who are visiting from Tejas); Jack and his bro; Adelaide and Orson; Bill Flora; Olivia (Flora); Dana and Max (who dropped by before leaving for Florida tomorrow); and me and Max!

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