Kathy and Fred are applying to live in a Christian retirement community. Only catch is, they’re passionate Atheists. How to write that, without lying, but sounding like suitable tenants …

What is attractive to you about living in a Christian retirement community?


Participating in a society that embraces a supreme dictate to “love one another” is a wonderful notion. Living among individuals who value commitment to work, family and spiritual betterment ain’t so bad either. I look forward to celebrating the majesty and miracle of life (and all of its trials and tribulations) with kindly, spirited citizens.


What is the story of your personal faith or religious experiences?


I was baptized and reared in the Methodist Church in Valley Falls, Kansas. My wife was baptized and reared in the Mormon Church in Heber City, Utah. I have admired and respected the basic tenets of Christianity my entire life, though I have personally chosen to focus my spiritual growth inwardly through my own reading and introspection. My wife left the Mormon Church as a young woman, choosing to channel her loving spirit and dedication to humanity through her work as a mother and a nurse.


How do you hope to be encouraged in your faith or to experience this Christian retirement community?


Having lived at Covenant Shores during a short stint in rehab, I am fond of the intelligent, balanced and kind-hearted staff and residents at this Christian retirement community. I hope to break bread and build true lasting relationships with the individuals here.

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