You guys, I am a wuss.

Not TWO radiation treatments in, I lost it. TWO!

After my first one, I went home, had dinner with Ada and Jack, got a little nauseous, and went to bed. Right? So far so good.

Then I woke the next morning and couldn’t walk well and couldn’t get dressed alone. So Jack helped me and we didn’t think much of it.

Why, I don’t know, but we didn’t.

Well, after the second round of radiation (which smells like metal, your ears pop like you’re driving up a mountain, and white lights flash, but it’s painless), I couldn’t walk or talk or anything.

At the proton center they tried an IV drip, but that did nothing. Now completely catatonic and unresponsive, they took me to UW Hospital and hydrated me with two more IV bags and steroids and anti-nausea drugs.

After some highlarious hallucinations, I was able to speak again, but I can’t really use the right side of my body well (just writing this is taking FOREVER).

Sooooo, I’m home. I’m not really answering texts or emails. Certainly not socializing. I‘m mostly sleeping, but trying to walk (with an escort) once or twice a day.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow the doctors are meeting to see what to do with their little sensitive Candy patient!

Pictured above: Me in steampunk goggles that Ada caught as I was undergoing physical therapy. Yeah, right!

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