Well, I thought I was done with brisket for a while.

But Jack pulled out a new high with Wagu Beef Brisket last night that he smoked for a group of friends, foodies and wine bloggers that included two women, Julien (yes, another Julyne, just a different spelling and, well, a whole different person) who edits and writes Eater Seattle, and Darlin, a firey gorgeous graphic artist that is TROUBLE. So naturally, you’ll be hearing more about these women because I ger-lerved them!

Where was I? Oh, Wagu Beef. It’s a heavily marbled, super-tender, juicy beef that’s mmm-good. In Japan, they are said to actually massage Wagu cows to render the poor beasts even more tender and delish. So if you have to be a cow, and you have to give up your life for someone’s table, seems to me those that gets the massage gets the better end of the deal. 

Pictured above (OMG, I don’t have pix of the ladies, bad me, ‘cuz they were gorge), dear sweet wonderful Darryl and Andrea, Jameson Fink, Clive Pursehouse, Frank Magana, and our beloved Jim! 

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