Not to obsess on Pere Lachaise, Paris’ largest cemetery established by Napoleon in 1804, but it is kinda obsession-worthy.

Balzac, Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Yves Montand, and it seems anybody who’s ever been anybody is buried there. Hell – even I’m buried there (see earlier post).

In the above photos, you’ll see Rosie, bravely conquering death. You’ll see what must be the most-groped grave on EARTH (really, people?). We literally almost tripped on Isadora Duncan’s marker. I loved the unknown soldiers’ graves from WWII. And there was a large section with WWI soldiers, also very touching.

When I die (after I’ve lived at Babington for many years sporting my 125K diamond cocktail ring – courtesy of the British Museum, also known as the Little Shop of Horrors – and braved many sullen teas with Queen, in case you’re tracking all of this), I want to be buried at Pere Lachaise (again).  

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