Ober there! Ober there!

In search of a menu that contained anything green and leafy, we ventured to Oberlin figuring a college town must have some hippy food.

We were not disappointed. After filling our gullets at The Feve with a Portobello burger and a somewhat odd tuna melt wrapped in layers of dry flat bread (hey, A+ for trying), we meandered over to the college.

Rose attended a Gender and Sociology class while I napped in one of the fabulous womb chairs in Mudd Center. After that, we hit the language lab in Peters Hall, where we befriended the resident cockatiels.

Our response? We like Oberlin. Students, professors and staff seem extraordinarily kind. The campus is stunning. Rose positively cooed over the course offerings. It seems like a laid-back, familial community. And the school boasts two pretty cool firsts: Around 1835, the school opened admission to students irrespective of color. And in 1841, three women were the first in America to earn a bachelor’s degree alongside their male counterparts.

And more recent famous history? It graduated our friends Miss Inga Ingenue and Cielo!

Pictured above: Rose preparing to address her public in Peters Hall; Rose in the Language Library makin’ friends; one of the famous “womb chairs” in Mudd Center; me in one of the famous “womb chairs” (where I took a nap, which kinda makes me an unofficial Oberlin grad). 

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