Today I completed cancer treatment.

Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer almost a year ago today, I was told I would live one month to one year.

Ha! Yoke’s on that diagnosis!

Sara (my brain tumor in the right cerebellum) looks to be “dead.” I’ll have MRIs every couple of months or so, then every six months, then every year. After two years of no growth, they consider me low-risk. After five years of a clean MRI, they consider me “cancer free.”

Now what? Focus on getting back to healthy … and waiting.

I cried on the way to my last treatment. I cried on the way home. But now I just feel a great sense of relief. We bought time and right now, time is golden.

I have many thoughts of what this year has been. But tonight, I just want to sleep.

And maybe cry one more time.

P.S. Today is my daughter Rosemary’s 18th birthday. I can’t help but feel that there’s something magical in that.


Photos from left to right: Chemo finis!; Some of the wonderful chemo team at University of Washington Medical Center, Katie, Jocylyn, Dana and Mary. THANK YOU LADIES!

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