From Annette Raubvogel, Seattle, family friend

For almost two decades, our family has had the privilege of spending Christmas Day with the Timmons/Allen family. For about ten of those years, our youngest son Joe has associated Fred Allen with the jolly ole elf from the North Pole, who had just delivered gifts and goodies a few hours before. 

Fred often sat in the living room surrounded by family activities and visitors. Joe was certain Fred was Santa Claus – and Fred played along. For years, Joe thought that he was the most fortunate kid in the universe because Santa Claus hung out with his family on Christmas Day. Christmas at the Timmons’ house rocked!

Joe has since entered middle school and no longer believes in Santa, but somehow he always expects Fred to be that icon at the Christmas table. A very fond memory for our son. 

Rest in peace, Santa Fred.

Fred and Kathy at Alycia Wolfstone and Tim Pfeiffer’s wedding, 1990s.

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