So Bumbershoot me!

Here is Rosaleoni at Bumbershoot at an exhibit called something like The Future in the Sky.

I guess it was sort of a Jetsons-inspired glimpse at life in the future if we lived in doo-whacky outer space. I don’t know. So sue me. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was most impressed by the fact that we found non-Porta Potty toilets with real soap and paper towels (bad-for-the-environment alert, so sue me again) in an air-conditioned building (and again) with NO LINE.

Most of what I remember about the whole day, which was actually really fun, is wearing a sun hat so large that anyone within a 20-foot radius of me was in the shade, and Rosemary telling me that being seen with your mom at Bumbershoot was pretty much like wearing that hat, only it’s a dunce cap.

But cool photo, huh?

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