There was some vicious White Elephant competition this year. The coveted item seemed to be the Shake Weight. Rosie “won” it, but many of us took our turns with the lewd little thing trying to get rid of our Bingo flaps (“Bingo!” she cried, holding her hand up in the air while her arm flapped in the wind). 

Other atrocities: Pickle lip balm, a bow and arrow set that couldn’t hit a target if a sharp shooter’s life depended on it, cologne (that, frighteningly, Jack wanted), a faux meowing kitten stuck in a sock, football sunglasses, the list just goes on, and frankly, just gets worse.

Lala made her traditional breakfast of mile-high pancakes. Jack cooked a mean sauerkraut dinner. Abby and Jim hit a puzzle HARD (one piece missing, ha!). And skiing. And sledding. And champagning …

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