One of my favorite humans on earth dropped into our sleepy little hollow this weekend and shook it up at Theatro Zinzanni for their late-night Halloween cabaret, Witching Hour starring The Mistress of All Hallow’s Eve – Joey Arias.

Now, Joey is no mere mortal. This lovely creature channels the voice of Billie Holiday, hijacking that voice on a train ride of other-worldly meows, growls, chirrups and chatters. He has then blended his amazing vocals with stunning visual presentations (often wearing original designs by Thierry Mugler) and witty banter that is only topped by his super-dirty delivery (I have literally seen him make grown men cry with embarrassment).

But here’s this creature from another planet – who is at once stunning and shocking – yet, he is so full of love and humility, that you can’t help but fall for his charms.

And his history, whoa. Joey has performed with David Bowie, Klaus Nomi, Eliot Douglass, Kristian Hoffman, Sherry Vine, Ann Magnuson … and the list goes on. He has been on Saturday Night Live and been the star of Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity. He and puppeteer Basil Twist created Arias with a Twist, which became the subject of a “docufantasy” by the same name by director Bobby Sheehan. That’s just stuff I can list off the top of my head. But there’s more and more and more. Just check the Google and you’ll go ZHAWOW!

I have conjured up excuses to hit New York and LA just to watch Joey perform. I guess I’m kind of a fan. So I’m spreadin’ the word. If you ever get the chance, get thee unto Joey. He will give you a night you will never forget (and he might even give you a kiss to boot).

Pictured above: Joey; the evening’s hostess with the scary mostest, paulanow (avec moiselles); me ‘n Joey (!!!!); me doing something I should never do – get in a photo with Lily Verlaine and Kylie Koyote (What? That’s like posing in a bikini with the Victoria’s Secret models); me ‘n my truck-drivin’ date, Ada. 

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