Sure Missed-A-Lot

Jack hosted SBX8 (Seattle Brisket Experience) on Saturday at the Machine House Brewery in Georgetown … and it was a slamdoozle.

With the daylong fire-tending help of Larry (husband of Renee, queen bee at the proton center), Jack fell down his smoky hole, coaxing beef ribs, brisket, pork ribs, sausage, pulled pork and rib tips to render its fat to the night and yield its flesh to the gentle caress of a fork.

The Pornadoes accompanied the fleshy blowout with their irresistibly engaging country surf music.

Vegetarians were not left shivering in the cold with a piece of bread and lettuce. Abby – who has been my Side Dish Queen in Crime almost from the get-go – took the reins as Susan, Bill, Heidi, Claudia, Damon, Elsa, Orson and Olivia whipped up the Remoulade Coleslaw and Texas Caviar. Always up for a culinary party, Leslie created a Smoky Gouda Mac and Cheese that melted our hearts by way of our stomachs.

Sir Mix-A-Lot was going to come … but he had to punt for a radio gig. And I had to punt because my butt could not get off the sofa (cancer, people, cancer), but I know he and I sure missed a lot!

Brisket porn by Amber Osborne (@missdestructo).

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