In Candyland, everyone’s so sweet.

I mean … everyone.

The generosity of spirit I’ve experienced is just beyond anything I would have expected, predicted or anticipated. But guys, here’s the fun part. People – you all – have been so giving in your own particular skill sets or interests or abilities and it’s fascinating.

Jack – The cruise director on our little ship of fools, figuring out the medical team, booking appointments, driving all over hell’s half acre, shopping for herbs and organic thises and thats, dealing with the bills (three days in, the stack was already shocking!).

Rose – For being my ever-patient mother. I love you so much.

Al and Sue – Our neighbors, friends, and at this point might as well just be called “family,” have opened the World of Woo-Woo and the Wild Wild West (let’s call that the world of the Western doctors, K?) to us, introducing the best of the best and possibly, literally saving my life as we maneuver this new frontier.

Don – My brother and translator in understanding what the cowboys in the Wild West are saying, but listening and encouraging when I go to the Woo.

Paula, Abby, Kimmie and Kat – My god, the sisterly support from driving to appointments, cooking meals, listening to me go on and on (and on) about the same old same old, caring for family (Kimmie!!!), taking long walks, arranging organic food deliveries (thanks Kat) and organizing a meal train (Abby, can you swing a Vivienne Westwood train next?), it’s all more than sweet.

Jim and Libby – You were there when we got the first prognosis, the death sentence. In a way, I feel like you’ve been there since the gun was fired (almost just wrote: “fun was gired). And I appreciate you schlepping across the pond so often lately and just being present and hosting the Lyttons when they came to town. All of it.

Shafeen – For bringing Raye on board and just being there (Carrie, you too!).

Dennis – For our doctor’s run!

Sam and Ada – For moving your life schedules around to come up here and just be.

Monica, Rachel, Claudia, Reanna, Indigo, Alycia – For hospital visits, front-porch altars, roses and cookies, heirloom garden dinners, Glassy Babies, frank advice …

Um, a guy I don’t know but Jack does – For the pot-infused gin. What what? Can’t wait to try THAT martini!

Susan – For things that come in the mail and smell delicious or feel really good on me body.

Neal and Mary – For reading material forever.

And to Sara, Marc, Elsa, Mia, Saul, Shanghai, Julyne, LaLa, Jason, John, Doug and Terry, Ylon, Jonny, Dana, Shaun, Andrew and Lisa, Michael and Lindsay, Lesa, Barb, Marty, Genevieve … and I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. But the emails, the texts, the cards, the visits, the lunches, the movie recs, the books, the dinner parties, the big love, it all helps.

Candyland is a strange place. But when it’s filled with so much affection and compassion, the princess in me can’t help but be happy.

Love you all. Thanks!

P.S. That’s the pot-gin in the photo. Can you say, "Shaken, not stirred, Dude”?

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