Here’s the deal.

Julyne, one of my dearest friends in the world, is getting married this weekend. Now, I’m actually not a huge fan of weddings, but every so often, there’s one that completely reinforces my belief in real love. This year, I’ve been particularly blessed with a number of those weddings.

But Julyne’s is a biggie in my life. She’s been waiting for her big love for years – sometimes patiently, sometimes impatiently. So when she found that love in the form of one Mr. Nick Siewert, it was with jubilation (and a sigh of relief) that we all kicked up our heels in celebration.

And now, tomorrow, is the big day.  I’m supposed to be in this wedding, and obviously can’t be because I’m still in treatment and they don’t let you reschedule those appointments when they have a team of 10 people working on you on a $100-gerjillion machine.

So I’m making them send me crappy cell-phone photos as they prep for tomorrow, and with each photo, I literally cry and pout and pretend like I’m just as happy to be home and resting.

Big lie. I want to be there. And I’m going to keep posting crap photos as I live vicariously through my phone. So join me for this wedding weekend!


Pictured above: The turkeys (their first guests) arrive; the decorating divas (Olga, Abby, Julyne, Dana and Janine); Lala and Roro; me pouting; Juju, Nick and Juju’s dad, Bill. 

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