The surreal wedding party

OK. So our lovely friends Claudia and Damon threw one of the most bizarre parties I’ve ever been to. It was their 20th wedding anniversary party. 

Dress code? Wear your wedding attire. 

Right. So, this should have been one of those things we all thought long and hard about. And maybe a little pre-planning would have been good. Like, plan not to eat for a month or two to get back into something you wore on ‘your most beautiful day’ 20-some years ago!

Walking up to their house, we came around a corner and there it was, many, many brides of a certain age, with men (also, of a certain age, but do we say that for men?) in tuxedoes and suits. It was super cray cray.

And the funniest thing? Almost every single one of us had jury-rigged the backs of our dresses because none of those damn dresses fit any more! It was kind of sadistic on Claudia and Dame’s parts, really. Making us reckon with just how much our bodies have changed over the years. Tanks guys.

But really, it was so fun and congratulations to you guys on your anniversary!

And total sidenote, Rose had never seen my dress and it was really fun to put it on with her. And I felt strangely exuberant, like a bride, when I put it on.

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