Well, after a dicey two days in the hospital (let’s just say it’s not easy keeping someone with full-blown Alzheimer’s – anxious and prone to wandering – in a hospital bed for 48 hours straight), Kathy was fully rehydrated and her potassium levels were brought to normal.

BUT, the doctors didn’t want to release her home because she really requires 24-hour medical supervision these days, so she checked into Sunrise, an amazing home that specializes in dementia care.

The first evening was fantastic. Fancy Easter dinner with wine. Kim and River hanging out, being sweet. Arthur barking obnoxiously in Kathy’s room nearby while we ate dindin. Kathy laughing and eating her BBQ chicken and honey-roasted ham like a starving baby bear. 

When the furry and furless family left, I stayed with Kathy that evening – and for the next few evenings to watch her and transition her to this new home.

I’m not gonna lie. It was tough. She slept, A LOT. And ate, A LOT. And cried, A LOT. Mostly, as she processed Fred’s death, or even that a man named Fred existed whom she had been married to and whom had died. She was constantly surprised that I was her daughter, but happy about the news because she does like me. She wanted to go home to her childhood home in Utah (a constant issue at her for-reals house too). She asked about her mom and dad pretty constantly: Where are they? What are they doing? She wanted to know what time school started. She had a hard time believing she’s 76. In her mind, she’s a child again. Maybe a teenager, she’s not always sure. 

Kimmie’s holding down the fort now while Rose and I are on the East Coast looking at colleges. We’re letting Sunrise work their magic, as they transition her into the social network there (already have a few fave residents).

But I want to thank Kimmie and Dennis for being so sweet and loving and conscientious with Kathy for the past year. I know how challenging it’s been, from talking her into showering to eating to not running away. And for the numerous sleepless nights. You guys have been amazing. 

And Lala, if you’re reading, thank you for the years of patience and love you’ve given Kathy. It’s certainly not over, but I know it’s been a long hard ride for you too. 

What lies ahead? I’m not sure we want to know, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Loves all. D.

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