They met at 11 months in a nanny share. 

From the beginning, it was a certain sort of special love. It was sweet and accepting and full of baby gibberish that only the two shared and and only the two understood. They would hide under the dining room table and babble on in their language, laughing, crying, getting mad at each other, making up, and just talking.

When they could barely string sentences together, Sofie asked Rose if they could get married some day. They discussed this possibility. And to this day, when Rose is hurting, it’s Sofie that can help … much better than I. 

They are sisters. 

So today, when they took that first great leap to freedom – driving – it was only appropriate that they made their first tenuous steps together. 

Congratulations ladies, on your permits. Here are your first set of wings. May you fly together forever. Deirdre

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