Today’s excitement included more blood tests, a catscan and a (wait for it, wait for it) a lumbar puncture. Jealous much? 

Actually, it was no bigs. They put me in the fetal position and drained some spinal fluid out of my spine to see if Mini-Me has traveled. Interesting note: Spinal fluid looks just like water. You’d think it would be murky or red with blood or something. But it’s not. It looked like a little vial of holy water. 

But latest gossip on my case, Dr. Geyer at Children’s Hospital (remember, I have a baby tumor) refused to consider working on my case because I’M TOO OLD! Ageist. A group at Harvard are doing some sort of cutting edge treatment that Goldberg’s interested in – but they won’t take me because they’re only treating relapse patients.

So, we continue to collect info on my growing girl (MRI next), I get dizzier and more spaced out (not in any pain people – it’s actually like I’m floating in a somewhat surreal but euphoric dream), and the idea is that Goldberg can figure out a treatment plan that will probably consist of chemo and radiation and begin this week or next. Still not sure treatment’s going to be in Seattle because this is so rare and weird (at least, in someone my age). 

And for all my hippy friends, you’ll be happy to know we’re working with a Reiki practitioner and an acupuncturist and a nutritionist to get our Woo-Woo on in slaying the beast. More on that later! 


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