This is the Temple of Heaven, built entirely of wood without a single nail with blue tiled roofing that represents the heavens. I believe they ordered it from IKEA during the Ming-Wing-Bing-Bada-Bing Dynasty. But don’t quote me on that. My Chinese is still bumpy at best.

A quick visit to Wickipedia says it has its roots as a Taoist temple, which you’d never really know as there is never any mention anywhere of what religion is behind any of the buildings in this town. 

Aside from the gorgeous temple, the huge park is filled with people dancing (crazy fun Chinese tango and salsa), singing (Peking Opera, anyone?), practicing Tai Chi, playing a Chinese version of hacky sack, and digging up dandelions for dandelion tea. We went on a sunny Saturday afternoon and it was filled with families making the best of their short time here on Earth.

There are tourists here from all over China (and the world). Of course Michael and Lindsay are here now, so our silliness quotient just went up 3,000-fold.


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