Hold up! Heaven on Earth exists and I just found out about it.

I thought I had booked a massage with a mere mortal today. But no, it turns out an angel got loose, his name is Gil, and he is posing as a “massage therapist” – doling out light and love through the most amazing, gentle, nurturing touch.

After going through a punch card or two at Two Smiling Feet, I now see that I have been hitting the McDonald’s of massage (at $30/hour it’s hard to resist their McTherapy). Now, it’s not like I’m going to quit my McMassage habit – I mean – the occasional Big Mac taint going to give me diabetes. I’m just going to supplement with this prodigy of touch who is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced, including numerous massage therapists around the world.

From now on and as often as possible, I’m going to frolic with this angel on Earth (as I avoid the angels above).

Ping me ( if you want a referral.  

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