Welcome to our world River Baldwin!

Born today at 12:30 p.m. at 6.6 pounds and 19 inches, River is the first baby in the Allen clan since forever ago (most recent family births, Carmen Gonzales in 2001 and Rosemary Timmons in 1996, so you see …). And the first boy since Chris Allen, who’s forever old and grown-up!

We’re over-the-moon here in Seattle, kids! We love you so much! And congratulations Kim and Dennis!!!! Or should I say, Mom and Dad? The real work – and joy – is all ahead of you!

Here’s a classic convo over the news with newly-minted great-grandparents, Fred and Kathy.

D-D: How does it feel to be a great-grandpa?

FRED: The truth is, it feels pretty good because I don’t have to pony up the money to raise the little devil.

KATHY: And it means you’re still alive.

FRED: Yes! It gives me a feeling of continuity of life.

KATHY: I hope he doesn’t get your nose. But if he gets your brain, then that’s OK.

FRED: Chris has a good brain. Don has a wonderful brain.

KATHY: D-D has a good brain.

FRED: (pause) It’s OK. 

D-D: Mom, how does it feel to be a great-grandma?

KATHY: It doesn’t feel any different than it did yesterday.

FRED: Kathy, you have flesh and blood in this child.

KATHY: Did I have Don?

FRED: Yes.

KATHY: I did?

FRED: (pause) Well, (pause) no.

Who’s on first?

Let’s just say, River is on first!

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