Yesterday: Dizzy; tired; spaced out; happy.

Today: All that and … mouth hurts; throat hurts; scalp hurts; hair falling out.

La and I went for massages today and as the masseuse worked my head, the whole time I thought, Oh my god, what if he actually rubs my hair off?

And then I thought how funny that would be, but because he didn’t speak English, I wouldn’t be able to explain to him why that was happening.

And then I had to stifle my laughter just thinking of someone massaging someone else and rubbing their hair off and thinking, “What the?”

I tried to look at the pillow when he flipped me over, but he whisked it away too quickly.

Anyhoozles, I just have to run my fingers through my hair and out it comes like I’ve used a furminator on meself. Thinking of just shaving it all off this weekend (which they actually recommend at the radiation center).

Pictured above: This is post-radiation treatment. I have what they call “waffle face” from the mask they strap on my head. 

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