Many of you know I have a twisted fascination with dolls. But not cute little wumpa wumpa dolls – really freakin’ frightening ones. In fact, the more twisted, the better.

As a child, I would ‘fix’ my dolls by chopping off their hair, burning their faces on the stovetop, and cutting off their eyelashes. I don’t know why. I suppose a psychotherapist would have a heyday with that.
“You did to your dolls what you felt your mother was doing to you.”

“You distorted your dolls to reflect how you felt about yourself.”

“You were acting out against the obligation to be the perfect little girl.”

Hey, not bad, eh? Maybe I should become a therapist.

Anyway, what I find fascinating is there is a whole subculture out there that takes dolls and remakes them, some to look like faeries, others to look like celebrities, others to look like scary creatures, and others to look like uncomfortably realistic babies.

Just search “silicon doll repainting” on YouTube and you’ll see oodles of tutorials on this fabulously horrid trend.

Now, maybe you’ll think twice when you say, “She’s such a doll.”


Pictured above: Noel Cruz repaints Hunger Games Barbie to look EXACTLY like Jennifer Lawrence; Blithe doll before being remastered; Blithe doll after being remastered (not the same doll, but you get the idea); Blithe doll before being remastered; Blithe doll after being remastered (again, not the same doll); baby doll in the process of being remastered; a different baby doll upon completion.

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