With Round One over and a month before chemo begins, I’m taking this time to catch up on long-neglected projects – like moving out of my office on Capitol Hill, escorting my furry and furless family to vets, doctors and dentists, and finishing a book!

Since I can’t do much more than walk and sit on my buttinski, I figured I would put my laptop and my sad little fuzzy brain to work and see if those two couldn’t finish a memoir I started a couple of years ago.

To that end, I took a time-out this weekend and spent four days with my crazy past as she burped herself onto my keyboard in the zenlike surroundings of Vashon Island.

Cousin Ada escorted. Arthur (who just had two skin masses removed and was hurtin’ for certain) convalesced. La joined for a girls’ night out. And Libby joined us for a Café Luna moment, where we saw the two freakishly somberest little boys ever.

Thanks Abs for so graciously hosting us. It was a very very welcome respite and a much-needed focus launch (which sounds like some sort of corporate marketing phrase, doncha think?). 

Pictured above: Ada, Arthur and I walking on the beach; Moiselles working from the center of the universe (turns out it’s not in Fremont); Arthur waiting patiently for us to join him on a walk; La et moi with as many filters as I could put on that photo (Very important photography tip: When you look bad in original photo, filter the hell out of it to make you either unrecognizable or completely horrifyingly almost funny). 

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