You knows me like me some burlesque and you knows me like some Paris.

So put the two together, and you get Crazy Horse.

The women are so perfectly beautiful it’s – god, honestly – it’s just blinding. They all have the same exact two-bunnies-in-a-bag derrieres and hello-sky perky breasts and creamy smooth skin. The acts are not really dirty, but they’re artistic and sexy and the girls have perfected a sweet come-hither flirtation with the audience. Oy. Oh, and it’s not really burlesque. It’s a partially nude dance show? I guess that’s what I’d call it.

I don’t remember everything about the show because the waiter brought us a second bottle of champagne – for no reason and no charge, love him – and I got pretty drunky drunk. But I can say, it’s the second or third time I’ve visited Crazy Horse and it’s as much a staple of my Paris visits as the Mosquee and the Eiffel Tower. 

There is a documentary out, strangely called “Crazy Horse,” about the Crazy Horse. Watch it if you see it playing in a film festival in your town. I don’t think it has distribution yet.

And there is a Crazy Horse in Vegas. They actually rotate the girls from the Paris show to the Vegas one. I haven’t seen that one, but you know. It might be worth checking out if you’re not going to be in Paris anytime soon. 

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