I love the macabre.

I love the sexy.

I love the dressing up.

Which means … I love the Halloween.

And at The Triple Door for the seventh year in a row, the Can Can Castaways are prettying up their pale, ragged, damaged, frightening selves in This Is Halloween, a dirty dance spectacular of music, cabaret, burlesque and film inspired by Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

Orkestar Zirkonium’s dark musical stylings will accompany the show. Rainbow Fletcher created the choreography. And scenic design is by TJ Davis at Lux Collective.

I can’t go to the show (we’ll be in Texas), but if you need a good night out, go! Tickets sell out pretty fast, so I’d go online RIGHT NOW if you think it’s your cup o’ tea!

Pictured above: The ensemble cast from 2012; Rainbow Fletcher; members of the Can Can Castaways past and present; Oogie Boogie; Armitage Shanks (formerly of Circus Contraption). Photos by moiselles. 

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