After a fond farewell dinner with Ruud and the Klaas clan, we have to head home. 

The trip could have been a lifetime longer and it still would have been too short. 

I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed old friends and how I’ve let my social communication slip over the years. I vow not to do that any longer.

And oh my gosh, I just want to work on my home and my garden after seeing the groomed beauty in these countries. 

And work. I’m eager to get back on track with all things writerly and filmic. (Andrew, Kat, your successes at home have also been inspiring).

So let’s all work together and make big beautiful things happen for each other and not forget to take the time to enjoy what little time we have here on Earth, together.

With that, I’ll return this tumblr to the Seattle swirl.

Love and kisses (two in France, three in The Netherlands), Deirdre.

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