From coast-to-coast we do it. Climb out of our old shells and into new ones for one freeing night. The more morbid, the better.

This year I survived it eating only four miniature peanut butter Snickers bars. Woot Woot! That may be a record.

Pictured above: Rose and Maddie at the Hampshire Halloween party; Rose and Saul at the party (they’re dressed as Jackie O and John F. Kennedy post assassination); Don (He’s a penny, maybe? We decided he looked more like an app where you superimpose your face onto another person’s head); Abby and moiselle (She’s a psychic? A princess? You decide. I’m a disco vampire.); Katy and Dan (She’s a pregnant nun. He’s a priest. You do the math. But the fun part about their costume is – Katy’s really pregnant and she was due on Halloween. I was holding out for our first birth at Jack’s BBQ, but it didn’t happen. Damn!); and Sue and Al. By the time they showed up I was in my cups and I can’t remember what they were. But they were cute! Missed a couple of other great costumes (Leslie and Leslie), but again, ti many martoonis!

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